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Jeju Air
 About Jeju Air

JEJU AIR, established in 2005 with the aim of Popularization of Air Passage, has already served you for 6 years. Low Cost Carrier employed by JEJU AIR became the utmost standard, and so JEJU AIR became the eye catching new business model not only in Korea but also throughout the Northeast Asian aviation industry. JEJU AIR is the first Low Cost Carrier which started international cargo service in Korea. JEJU AIR Cargo offering to reasonable rate and professional service to customer to outsources its cargo service.

Jeju Air Passenger Site


APR Twice a day operation on the Incheon-Guam
  APR Three times a day operation on the Incheon-Narita/ Narita-Incheon
  JUL Daily operation on the Incheon-Taipei/Taipei-Incheon
MAR Opened regular Incheon-Weihai route
  OCT Re-opened regular Incheon-Nagoya / Nagoya-Incheon route
  OCT Launched twice a day cargo service Incheon-Guam route
  DEC Twice a day operation on the Incheon-Osaka/ Osaka-Incheon
  DEC Launched cargo service Incheon-Danang/Danang-Incheon route
JUN Opened regular Incheon-Saipan route
  JUL Launched twice a day cargo service Incheon-Hongkong route
  SEP Suspended Incheon-Nagoya route
  DEC Launched twice a day cargo service Incheon-Bangkok route
Opened regular Incheon-Hanoi route
FEB Launched cargo service Incheon-Nagoya route
  JUL Launched twice a day cargo service Incheon-Bangkok route
Lanuched twice a day cargo service Incheon-Narita route
FEB Launched cargo service Incheon-Osaka route  
Launched cargo service Incheon-Manila
  MAR Opened regular Incheon-Nagoya route
Opened regular Incheon-Fukuoka route
10th B737-800 aircraft acquired
  APR Opened regular Incheon-Ho Chi Minh route
Launched cargo service Incheon-Bangkok route
Launched cargo service Incheon-Hongkong route
  MAY Launched cargo service Incheon-Ho Chi Minh route
  JUN Opened regular Incheon-Qingdao route
  JUL Launched cargo service Incheon-Qingdao route
  SEP Opened regular Incheon-Guam route
  NOV 12th B737-800 aircraft acquired.
Opened regular Incheon-Cebu route   
  DEC Launched cargo service Incheon-Cebu route
JAN Achieved IOSA 3rd Edition
MAY Opened regular Busan – Hong Kong route
  JUN Opened regular Jeju– Osaka route / Opened regular Busan– Bangkok route / 8th B737-800
aircraft acquired
FEB Introduced 5th B737-800(HL8214)
MAR Opened regular Gimpo – Nagoya, Japan route
  OCT Opened regular Incheon – Hong Kong route / Introduced 6th B737-800(HL8233)
  NOV Opened regular Incheon – Manila, Busan – Cebu route / Introduced 7th B737-800(HL8234)
MAR Opened regular Incheon – Osaka, Incheon-Kitakyushu, Japan route
APR Opened regular Incheon – Bangkok route/Achieved IOSA / Introduced 3rd B737-800(HL7796)
MAY Introduced 1st B737-800(Hl7779)
JUN Introduced 1st B737-800(Hl7779)
  JUL Introduced 2nd B737-800 (HL7780)
JUN Achieved Air Operation Certificate(AOC) Launch regular Seoul – Jeju route
AUG Opened regular Seoul – Busan route
JAN Establishment
AUG Achieved regular aviation transport industry lisence
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